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3D DipTM

Our Geodes®-based 3D DipTM service includes the following:

We will provide you with a slide presentation along with a written description of the slides. We will review these with you by email and/or phone. If necessary, we will modify our interpretation in light of our review and provide you with a revised slide presentation and written description.

We will most likely send you a few preliminary slides (and descriptions of them) to get your feedback before proceeding with the rest of the analysis and interpretation. For instance, we might send you slides showing the Geodes plots of the dip data (including the SCAT Plots) and ask for your comments before constructing the Cross Sections and Contour Maps.

In addition to the slides and descriptions, we'd send you the following CGM plot files:

Related Services

If you have paper tadpole plots that need to be digitized or dipmeter or borehole-image logs that need to be hand- or machine-picked, we can manage the entire project for you, thereby turning your paper tadpole plots and image logs into analyzed SCAT Plots, cross sections, and structure maps!

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