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September 1, 2004 --Computational Geology has released version 2.60 of its Geodes® software program for analysis and interpretation of geological dip data--picked by hand or by machine from dipmeter tools and borehole imaging tools. Geodes 2.60 runs on the Solaris operating system on Sun Sparc workstations.

Geodes 2.60 replaces Geodes 2.51 and includes the following enhancements:

* The user can now export the single-well ascii contour maps in any of the following systems of units:

               x ::y ::z
               m ::m ::ft ("feet-ers")
               m ::m ::m

* The user can now specify the well he/she wishes to analyze more quickly, more easily, and more accurately.

* The user can now specify tops abbreviations that are up to 8 characters long (previously, the limit was 3 characters).

Additionally, Geodes 2.60:

* Includes an improved set of modules that generate CGM plot files for the multi-well contour maps ("regional" maps).

* Includes an improved set of modules that generate CGM plot files for the multi-well cross sections .("regional" sections) .

Installation of Geodes 2.60 uses standard Solaris packaging; Geodes is licensed using FLEXlm.

"We're very pleased to be releasing Geodes 2.60," said Jim Morse, Computational Geology's President. "Geodes implements numerous modern, innovative techniques, including SCAT (Statistical Curvature Analysis Techniques; Bengtson, 1981). But that's not all. Geodes goes well beyond SCAT by helping users convert their interpretations of dip data to local (single-well) structure sections and structure maps."

"The previous version of Geodes (2.51) enabled users to export their local structure maps in an ASCII file that they could then import into other applications (e.g., 3D geologic modeling packages). This made it possible for users to ensure that their 3D geologic models honor the size and shape of the local structure--as defined by Geodes--and not just the tops and dips at the wellbore. In 2.51, the x, y, and z units all had to be the same (either all three in feet or all three in meters). However, there are some regions in the world where it is common to use meters for x and y but feet for z (the so-called 'feet-ers' system of units). Geodes 2.60 enables users to export their local structure maps to an ASCII file in any one of four systems of units:

* All feet;
* All meters;
* x and y in meters and z in feet ("feet-ers"); and
* x and y in feet and z in meters."

Computational Geology is a U. S.-based provider of specialty geological software and interpretation services. Current products and services focus on 3D analysis and interpretation of dip data using advanced techniques, including SCAT and isogon-based cross sections.

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